CSS Subjects Selection

Success mainly depends on the right planning and direction along with intelligence. An intelligent student cannot perform well if not guided on the right way. CSS exam is deemed to be the toughest exams which are conducted by Pakistan recruiting commissions. Without right planning and direction getting success in this exam is a far cry. About 20 thousand aspirant appears every year in this exams, but almost 300 get allocated. Considering, the faults and follies that CSS aspirants often make tips and tricks regarding the exams are discussed below to mould aspirant in the desired direction for CSS Subjects Selection.

CSS Compulsory Subjects Selection

  • English Essay
  • English Composition
  • Islamiyat
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • General Science & Abilities

CSS Subjects Selection

CSS Subjects Selection

English Essay:

English Essay is thought to be the toughest paper of CSS exams. In this paper intelligence of student is judged by checking his critical approach on a single statement essay. Essays that are asked to answer may be of different kinds; they may be literary, argumentative or related to current affairs. Tackling essay paper requires some strategies which enlisted below.

  • Careful selection of essay topic, on which one has enough knowledge knows well about the direction of the statement and has maximum chances to mould it in favour of existing
  • Good presentation of the essay should be free from grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, idea mistake etc
  • Appropriate selection of words specifically outlining, introduction and conclusion should be attractive

Before appearing in this paper, the candidate must have passed through laborious writing efforts. So, do a lot of practice keeping in mind the type of statements, refining writing again and again on the different topics. Check all your written stuff from an expert English teacher before taking your attempt.

English composition:

English Composition paper is another paper which seeks comprehensive and analytical skills of the candidates. It comprises chiefly, English précis and comprehension. To have a grip on this paper one should try to make précis of problems, events and stories one experience in life. Additionally, past papers précis should be solved to know the true pattern of the précis.


Islamyat paper is much different from the common assumptions. Questions are designed to check, Islamic knowledge and its practical implications. One should go through at least two to three books written by renowned Islamic scholars. This paper should not be considered simple and easy, and proper preparation for this paper should make.

Current Affairs:

It is one of least scoring CSS subjects. Questions related to domestic affairs and international affairs are asked to answer in this paper. If one holds strong grip regarding the issues, he can attain a high score in this very subjects. But the core thing that demanded in this paper is the information on the issues in a comprehensive way. So, one can change this subject from least scoring to scoring by extensive reading and comprehensive writing skills.

Pakistan Affairs:

This subject comprised of knowledge, pre-partition, post-partition and current history of Pakistan. To get good marks, candidates need to read extensive knowledge on the history of Pakistan

General ability and everyday science:

This paper comprised of two parts: one comprises of analytical reasoning, logical reasoning and math portion; other comprised of sciences of day to day activities namely, natural sciences, social sciences, environmental sciences and technologies. One needs to work laboriously to get good marks in this subject.

CSS Optional Subjects Selection

Selecting appropriate optional subjects helps candidates to get recruited. In compulsory subjects mostly students compete on the equal line. It is the only combination of optional subjects that brings candidate on the top or the bottom of recruitment list. A wise and astute selection of subjects is highly necessary for getting recruited as CSP. Generally, high scoring subjects are categorised below by expert’s opinion. One should keep following things in mind while selecting subjects.

  • All subjects are scoring subjects getting scores in each subjects base on the interests, and knowledge
  • Prefer social sciences on natural sciences and literature as they are easy to read and deliver knowledge.
  • Select subjects that have a least mathematical presentation
  • Prefer to select subjects that have similarities in knowledge just as political science and history subjects and International Relation (IR) and European History.
Tips and Tricks for preparing optional subjects:

 After selecting subjects by interest, one should adopt the following methodologies to prepare for them.

  • Extensive reading especially must consult 2 to 3 recommended books by FPSC
  • Make notes on each topic after consulting that topic from different books
  • First of all, make bulky notes, then make them more and more concise by deleting undesired  things
  • Never get confused while preparing a topic. Do not move from one topic to other unless you do not fetch the real crux of that topic. Leaving thing unfinished is a bad habit, and once this habit gets developed, it will disturb you.
  • The discussion is the backbone of the refined knowledge, so make your knowledge more and more refined by discussing it with senior
  • Write extensively, the more you write, the more refinement you make in your knowledge. Repeat Writing helps one to present a question more comprehensively.
  • Never relies on the notes Try to make your notes by cleaning faults in your writing gradually

CSS High Scoring Subjects Selection

Combination no.1

  • Political science (200)
  • European history (100)
  • Gender studies(100)
  • Constitutional law (100)
  • Environmental science (100)

Combination No.2

  • International Relation (200)
  • American History (100)
  • Gender studies (100)
  • Environmental sciences (100)
  • International Law (100)( criminology and international law are also top scoring)

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