CTD Stands For In Police Pakistan

Question: CTD Stands For In Police Pakistan

Answer: CTD Stands For Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) In Pakistan Police

CTD acronym For Counter Terrorism Department has many perks and benefits to protect the Pak Homeland. Any person who violated the law means he has some levels that need to be discussed. The clauses of Terrorism applied on high profile cases.

CTD Stands For In Police Pakistan

MTD Stands For In PAF Pakistan Air Force

For example, the drama of one person created on Islamabad Road means he was countered by the CTD department of Islamabad Police. Punjab Police, Sindh Police, KP Police, Balochistan Police, and GB Police all named CTD as Counter Terrorism Department. It is the most vigilant department on its own. Every person in the academic field must know this acronym, as well as every person looking for a job in the department, must know it for better understanding.

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