The leader of opposition is a leader who is elected by the opposition party about Current Opposition Leader In National Assembly Of Pakistan 2021 to reveal the undergoing tasks of the running government. An opposition leader in an assembly is thought to be very important because his presence force government to work out on the undergoing plans, initiatives, and projects. In a democratic government, an opposition leader is selected from the major runner-up party which does not have collateral relation with governing party.

Current Opposition Leader In National Assembly Of Pakistan 2021

In modern democracies the leader of opposition has very vital role to play. Both houses:upper and lower,has their own opposition leader. Democracy is mainly a set up of government in which majority rule but with a check .The role of check is played majorly by opposition leader. He or she is the house has official authority to expose the shortcomings of government. The pointed shortcomings by leader of opposition are considered worth able.On behalf of projected direction of leader of the opposition, speaker of national assembly directs the government to fulfill considering tasks. So in this way, he makes a way forward for the government by playing a role of critique.

Question: Current Opposition Leader In National Assembly Of Pakistan 2021

Answer: Shahbaz Sharif

In developed democracies, opposition leaders play their expected role rightly. They never take the side of government in order to preserve the voice of the nation. America, British, Canada, and Scandinavian countries can be quoted in this regard. In America , there are majorly two main parties: Democratic and Republican. In every successive election one-party rule while other play the role of opposition. Before an election, every party has to reveal its agenda and aimed projects. If that very party get succeed in the election, it has to act upon its declared aims.If that party go astray, the other party has right, by law, of criticism. By playing the due role in this way they are making their political system fluent and vibrant. In the same vein, the other captioned countries are doing the same.

Countries likewise Pakistan leaders of the opposition are not doing well. They often take the side of running governments, so dash to ground all assumed role of opposition leader. Pakistan will have to take some pragmatic steps to make its political system fruitful. Opposition leaders will have to play their defined role rather te biased. A political system is not a political system in which its every element does not working properly.Pakistan will have to run with developed nation political system otherwise nothing is going to change. Hence I have given you details of Current Opposition Leader In National Assembly Of Pakistan 2021. For more information about more personalities, visit the related posts below.

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