Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan?

Question: Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan?

Answer: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Pakistan railway is a public department which has its network around the whole of country. It is being stirred by an autonomous federal ministry namely ministry of railway. Main task of ministry of railway is to oversee the government policies for the development of railway department. Wanted to Know Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan then the Current Minister of railway is Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan?

Since the birth of Pakistan to the 1974 railway used to be administered under the ministry of communication. In May, 1974, separate ministry of railway formed with its head office in Islamabad.

Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan?

List of All Railway Minister Of Pakistan

Serial No Name Tenure
1 Khan F.M khan Oct,10, 1958 To June,8,1962
2 Khursheed Hassan Mir Aug,23, 1974 To Oct 22,1974
3 Mian Muhammad Attaullah Oct,23,1974 To Feb,5,1976
4 Hafizullah Chemma Feb,5,1976 To march,8,1977
5 Ghulam Hussain March 30,1977 To July 5,1977
6 N.A Qureshi Jan,14,1978 To July 6,1978
7 Muhammad Khan Junejo July,5,1978 To April 23,1979
8 Maj General Jaml Said Khan April 21,1979 To March 31,1983
9 Gen Saeed Qadir March 16,1981 To March 5,1983
10 Nawabzada Abdul Ghafoor Khan Hoti Aug,5,1983 To Feb 26,1985
11 Yusaf Raza Gillani Jan ,28,1986 To Dec 20,1986
12 Sardar Muhammad Ali Shah May 15,1988 To  May 29.1988
13 Mir Zafrullah Khan Jamali June,9,1988 to June 24,1988
14 Zafar Ali Laghari March 23,1989 To Aug,5 1990
15 Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani Nov,11,1990 To sep,10,1991
16 Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Sep 10,1991 To July 18,1993
17 Ahmed Faruque July 23,1993 to oct 19,1993
18 Sardar Muhammad Yaqub Khan Nasir July,11,1997 To Aug,6,1998
19 Chudhary Shujat Hussain Aug,7,1998 To Nov,9,1999
20 General Javed Ashraf Aug,15,2000 To Nov,23,2002
21 Gous Baksh Khan Mehar Nov,23,2002 To Aug,25,2002
22 Shamim Haider Sep,1,2004 To April 24,2006
23 Shaikh Rasheed Ahmad April,25,2006 To Nov,15,2007
24 Mansoor Tariq Dec 12,2007 To March 25,2008
25 Sardar Mhatab Abbasi March 31,2008 To may 13,2008
26 Ghulam Ahmed Bilour Nov,4,2008 To March 18,2013
27 Dr Abdul Malik Kasi April,3,2013 To June,5,2013
28 Khawaja Saad Rafique June,5,2013 To July 31,2018
29 Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed 19 August 2018 To Present

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After discussing Who Is The Current Railway Minister Of Pakistan we move towards the Functions as Functions of Pakistan railway ministry are vast. On the one hand it has to facilitate Pakistani people by providing them easy affordable fair travel and a facility of long distance travelling around the country. Besides this, it also has to deliver arms at the time of need. Last, to maintain railway, contacting with international organizations.

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