The military has a very significant role in the history of Pakistan get Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan?. It almost always tried to curb the way politicians think in. From general Messervy to Pervaiz Musharraf nearly all the chiefs made lame excuses to grab the power in their hands for their own pursuits. Hence, there will be no wrong in saying Pakistani army a political army. When it comes to Who Army Chief of Pakistan then general Frank Messervy was the name.

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General Frank Messervy (August 1947 - February 1948)

Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan?

General Frank Messervy during his charge put aside the Guide’s quotation launching an army campaign against the Hindus in Kashmir. Later, the successive generals did the same and made some nonsense outcries. General Ayub put a martial law on the country under the pretext of maladministration and ruled the country for the next decade as a dictator. Similarly, General Zia ul Haq did the same. Pervaiz Musharaf was the general who blamed Nawaz government to have indulged in corruption and retreated army from the Kargil and captured the political power.

General Frank Messervy First Army Chief of Pakistan

The military is a civil institution, the main role of it is in every state is to care about the border issues and too seldom at the time of need to maintain peace internally. There are mainly three institutions or pillars on which a state rest; legislature, judiciary, and executives. They make laws, investigate laws and execute them. No other authority in the state is deemed commanding. Basically, the military comes under the executive pillar of the state and it seeks command from Prime minister or president of a state. States in which rule of law governs never allow institutions to act beyond their respective power limits but the states in which rule of law is found absent remain unable to check the troubling role of institutions. Pakistan basically, has been and is a  weak state institution wise about the Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan?.

Theoretically, all institutions have their defined role to play but practically there is nothing to consider. The army is running in the same footsteps. Where it finds the way to snatch its interests it never misses the chance.

Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa Retirement Date Is?

To have a brief glimpse of the army intervention in Pakistan politics let us consider army regime into consideration after discussing Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan. In the first military regime of Iskander Mirza, a military man put the martial law on Pakistan and appointed Ayub Khan as chief of army staff. Ayub Khan snatched power from Mirza and announced to hold an election within ninety days but it was not held. Announcing election was just a pretext under which he wants to withhold power in his hands. Using the pretext of holding election he remained the head of the state for the next ten years. In second military regime, General Zia ul Haq stole power under the pretext of widespread voter fraud and enjoyed power for the next decade without holding an election, making all supreme decisions on his own behalf.

List of All Army Chief of Pakistan Till Now

Order Name Appointment Date Retirement
1. General Frank Messervy August 1947 February 1948
2. General Douglas Gracey February 1948 January 1951
3. Field Marshal Ayub Khan January 1951 October 1958
4. General Muhammad Musa October 1958 June 1966
5. General Yahya Khan June 1966 December 1971
6. General Gul Hassan Khan December 1971 March 1972
7. General Tikka Khan March 1972 March 1976
8. General Zia-ul-Haq March 1976 August 1988
9. Mirza Aslam Beg August 1988 August 1991
10. Asif Nawaz August 1991 January 1993
11. Abdul Waheed Kakar January 1993 January 1996
12. Jehangir Karamat January 1996 October 1998
13. Pervez Musharraf October 1998 November 2007
14. Ziauddin Butt October 1999 October 1999
(Appointment lasted few hours)
15. Raheel Sharif November 2013 November 2016
16. Qamar Javed Bajwa November 2016 Present

In the third military regime, General Musharraf blamed Nawaz government retreating army from the Kargil. After that ruled country on its own. The thing that is bad about the military regime is its dictatorial way of ruling the country. It makes all important decisions about the country regardless of the consequences. In the end whole picture is before us how army’s decisions yanked country into the losses. Both Zia ul Haq and Musharraf throw country into the war of terrorism and Ayub insured India’s monopoly over the water resources of Pakistan. Well, this is all about the Who Was The First Army Chief of Pakistan? and down here you can get a list of all Chief of Army Staff till now.

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