Iskander Mirza First President of Pakistan

Question: Who Was The First President of Pakistan

  • Iskander Mirza
  • Liaquat Ali Khan
  • Sir Malik Ghulam
  • Muhammad Ali

Answer: Iskander Mirza

Iskander Mirza Was The First President of Pakistan

Iskander Mirza the first president of Pakistan born on 13 November 1899 in a wealthy and elite family in Bengal. He retained this portfolio from 23 March 1956 to 27 October 1958. He was a descendant of Mir Jafar who is known in history as a quisling. Before president, he also had served the country as defense secretary during Liaquat Ali Khan, the then prime minister of Pakistan, tenure.  Because of Played a crucial role in the ousting of Governor-General Sir Malik Ghulam, he was elected as the first President of Pakistan when the first set of the Constitution was promulgated in 1956. During his presidency country saw a huge political turmoil. He ousted four prime ministers one after another. All was happened because of his undue interference in civil administration. To control the situation in a dictatorial manner he imposed martial law on the country in 1958. It was he who majorly gave a chance to the army to dare to interfere in the political affairs of the country.

In Bombay, he grew up and completed his education. He was commissioned in the army on 16 July 1920 as 2nd Lt. Soon he was promoted to Lt and was given commands of different ventures. Besides, being an army man he was also deployed as a political agent of tribal areas and assistant commissioner of Dera Ismail Khan, Ohdesa NWFP, and a bit others. It was both his administrative and army-leading ventures’ experience that led him to the post of Lt Col and joint defense secretary of the British army.

Who Was The First President of Pakistan

Iskander Mirza First President of Pakistan

When the first constitution of Pakistan was promulgated in 1956 it was decided to make Pakistan a parliamentarian state with the prime minister as its executive head and president as ceremonial head of state. First time in the history of Pakistan Governor General was replaced with the First president of Pakistan. Iskander Mirza was the first newly elected president of Pakistan. It was Muhammad Ali who was first, forced to resign on the demand of the Muslim League a party that thence was directly in conflict with Iskander Mirza’s Republican Party.  Shurwardy was the second PM who was invited and forced to resign by Iskander Mirza. The reason behind demanding his resignation was the terms of the governing country. Iskander Mirza was not satisfied with the way the Shurawardy administration wanted to govern the country. Shurawardy was succeeded by I. I chandrigarh but he was too forced to resign in just two months. So it is all about Who Was The First President of Pakistan.

Seeing the close connection of the Muslim League and Awami League in sharing power against the Republic party (belonging to Iskander Mirza), he turned against the Feroz Khan government(Muslim League government). He imposed Martial Law on 7 October  1958 on the country, declaring  Feroz Khan’s government sick and ill-administered. It is all about Who Was The First President of Pakistan to gain the accepted mantra. He made General Muhammad Ayub Khan as chief of army staff and announced that the next election would be held just after three weeks. Unfortunately, no election was held and our beloved country had to suffer from the dictator’s rule for the next decade.  He was exiled to London after the termination of his presidency and till his death ran a hotel to make his both ends meet. He died in 1969 and was buried in Iran. He married twice; his first wife was Rifat Begum, she had two sons and four daughters and second was Naheed Amirteymour. Who Offered Funeral Prayer of Quaid E Azam

Last but not least a list of successive presidents has been quoted below to provide the reader a thorough analysis of the political contribution of presidents in the political system of Pakistan.

List of All Presidents of Pakistan

Serial No. Name Tenure Major Achievements
1 Muhammad Ayub Khan 27 Oct, 1958 To 25 Mar, 1969 1. Formulation of 1962 constitution
2. Contracted Indus–basin treaty
2 Muhammad Yahya Khan 25 Mar, 1969 To 20 Dec, 1971 1. First general election in the country were conducted
2. Formation of National Security Council
3 Zulifqar Ali Bhutto 20 Dec, 1971 To 14 Aug, 1973 1. Enactment of 1973 constitution
2. Separation of Bangladesh
3. Brought Karachi Steel Mill in the country
4 Fazal Elahi Chaudhary 14 Aug, 1973 To 16 Sep, 1978 Served the country as president while Zulafiqar Ali Bhutto was the prime minister. Constitution of 1973 was enacted practically under the leadership of Fazal Elahi
5 Muhammad Zia ul Haq 16 Sep, 1978 To 17 Aug, 1988 1. Introduced Hadood Ordinance
2. Doctrine of necessity of state was used to make legitimate the martial law.
3. Formation of Majlis e Shoora
4. Completion of Pakistan atomic energy programme
6 Ghulam Ishaq Khan 13 Dec, 1988 To 18 Jul, 1993 1. Disbanded Benazir Bhutto’s Government on the charges of corruption, economic decay, and political unrest
2. Using the eighteenth amendment in the constitution of Pakistan dismissed Nawaz’s first government and then Benazir’s second government.
7 Sardar Farooq Khan Loghari 14 Nov, 1993 To 2 Dec, 1997 Vowed to amend the 18th amendment and made a good effort to bring the country out of turmoil.
8 Muhammad Rafique Tarar 1 Jul, 1998 To 20 Jun, 2001 Added thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen amendments to the constitution, which finally reduced the executive powers of the president and transferred them to the prime minister.
9 General Pervaiz Musharaf 20 Jul, 2001 To 18 Aug, 2008 1. Made the country a part of the war on terror
2. Passing of women empowerment bill
3. Issue of Lal Mosque
4. Passing of media freedom bill
10 Asif Ali Zardari 9 Sep, 2008 To 8 Sep, 2013 1. Abolishment of 18th amendment
2. Passing women empowerment bill
3. Strengthening of HEC (Higher Education Commission)
4. Made provinces more autonomous
11 Mamnoon Hussain 9 Sep, 2013 To 2018 1. Passed 20th, 21st amendments in the constitution
2. Strengthened Election Commission of Pakistan
12  Dr Arif Alvi 2018 to 2024  
13 Asif Ali Zardari 2024 to present  

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