Question: Imam-e-Darul Hijra was the Title of?

  • Suraqa Ibn Malik
  • Bilal Ibn Malik Al-Mazni
  • Saad Ibn Malik
  • Anas Ibn Malik Al-Ashbahi

Answer: Anas Ibn Malik Al-Ashbahi

Imam-e-Darul Hijra was the Title of Imam Malik

Imam-e-Darul Hijra is a name given to a Prophet. However, in English, its meaning is termed as Imam of the Emigration Land. Imam-e-Darul Hijra was the title of Imam Malik. He was known by the name of Malik Ibn Anas Ibn Malik Al-Ashbahi Al Himyari. He was born in the place of Medina on 93 Hijri. However, he started learning Islam when he was a teenager. At the age of 21 as for being high in intelligence. In addition, he was given the chance to start issuing Fatwas. He used to take knowledge from the scholars who came to Medina. Malik Ibn Anas Ibn Malik Al-Ashbahi Al Himyari even taught in Medina as well. Therefore he is known by the name of Imam-e-Darul Hijra. But, in his whole life, he never went out anywhere of Median.

Imam Ash Shafi’i said, “If the scholars are mentioned, then Malik is the star.”  He much strict with his rules and was disciplined as well. Hence, in issuing Fatwas he was a cautious scholar. He did play an enormous role in spreading the light of Islam. Do you know who collect Quranic Verses in one place? if not just click on the link!

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