It is all about the National Symbols Of Pakistan With Pictures at this page for further exploration. Every country adopts some signs and symbols which represents that country. Pakistan has many national symbols like the flag, anthem, memorial tower and some national heroes which are the identity of the country. These symbols were adopted at different times and have unique history and definition. The oldest symbol of Pakistan is Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution which was adopted on 23rd March in 1940. Minar-E-Pakistan was built later at that place where Lahore Resolution was passed and it became the identity of the Lahore Resolution. Likewise, the national flag was adopted before the independence of Pakistan on 14th August in 1947.

National Symbols Of Pakistan With Pictures







No Title Symbol Picture
1 Great Leader (Quaid-e-Azam)


Baba Muhammad Ali Jinnah


information about national symbols of pakistan List
2 Mother of the Nation (Madar-i-Millat)


Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah


Fatima Jinnah
3 National Poet


Sir. Allama Iqbal Allama Iqbal
4 National Hero


Muhammad bin Qasim


5 National Saint


Fariduddin Ganjshakar


6 National Language


Urdu Urdu
7 National Epic


Hamzanama Hamzanama
8 National Weaponry


9 National Symbol


Primary Islamic symbol – Religious Icon


National Symbol
10 National Airline PIA


11 National Currency


Pakistani rupees


Pakistani Currency Note
12 National Dress


Shalwar Kameez


Shalwar Kameez
13 National media and film Industry Lollywood lollywood
14 National Flower Jasmine jasmine
15 National Tree Himalayan cedar National Tree
16 National Butterfly Indian purple emperor


National Butterfly
17 National Fruits Mango


National Fruits
18 National Vegetable


Lady Finger


National vegetable
19 National Dish


Pakistani Biryani Biryani
20 National Beverage Sugarcane Juice


sugar cane juice
21 National Crop


Sugarcane National Crop sugarcane
22 National Fish Golden Mahaseer Goldan Mahaseer
23 National Amphibian




Indus Valley toad Indus valley toad
24 National marine animal (Nationalised aquatic marine mammal)


Indus River Dolphin


Indus river dolphin
25 National Reptile


Indus crocodile


indus crocodile
26 National Predators Snow leopard snow leopard
27 National Mammal



Rhesus macaque


Rhesus macaque  
28 National Animals



Indus river dolphin
Bufo Stomaticus
Rhesus macaque
National Animals Of Pakistan
29 National Bird


Chukar partridge


National bird
30 National Icon



Teen Talwar


teen talwar
31 National heritage Folk dance


Kathak dance


kathak dance
32 National Instrument


 Dafli National Instrument
33 National Sport


Field hockey national game
34 National Mountain


K2 National Mountain
35 National River


Indus River National River
36 National Heritage


Badshahi Mosque (“Emperor’s or Imperial Mosque”)


Badshahi Mosque
37 National Mosque


Faisal Mosque


National Mosque
38 National shrine of Pakistan


Shrine of Baba Farid (Pakpattan) national shrine
39 National Temple


Katas Raj Temples


katas raj
40 National Parks


Lal Suhanra National park
Hazarganji Chiltan National Park
Ayubia National Park
Ayub National Park
Chitral National Park
National Parks Of Pakistan
41 National Monument


Pakistan Monument Islamabad


National Monument Of Pakistan
42 National Mausoleum Mazar-e-Quaid


Mazar e Quaid
43 National pass


Khyber Pass


Khyber pass
44 National Boarder Wagha border


wagha border
45 National monument


Pakistan Monument Pakistan mounoment
46 National museum


Lahore Museum


Lahore Museum
47 National library


Quaid-e-Azam Library quaid e azam library
48 National Emblem


The Crescent and a Star
The Quartered Shield
The Floral Wreath
The Scroll
The Green Color
What is the Name of National Emblem of Pakistan
49 National Colors Green and White What is the Name of National Color of Pakistan
50 National Food Nihari Pakistan National Food
51 National Drink Sugarcane juice National Drink Of Pakistan


This is the complete National Symbols Of Pakistan With Pictures along with National Symbol of Pakistan list. Every Symbol has its unique identity and history as well.