Here you’ll get the intelligence bureau salary package in Pakistan 2019 by posts BPS Basic Pay Scale. But before that, I would like to discuss a short introduction of Intelligence Bureau (IB) of Pakistan. This is a federally owned civilian agency of Pakistan which is directly governed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The history of IB is derived from the British-Raj on sub-continent and before the formation of Pakistan 1947 till 1948 it was the only intelligence agency which was working for Pakistan. But later that the ISI was formed in 1948 due to some other reasons. Well, the IB is still having its complete existence and holding its operations to monitor politicians, Political activists, suspected terrorists, and suspected foreign intelligence agents. For all these operations, it hires the best eligible and active as well as responsible staff on each of its job post. If you also want to join the Intelligence Bureau then read out its salary package and benefits with allowances.

Intelligence Bureau Salary Package In Pakistan 2019

Intelligence Bureau Pakistan is a good organization which is a Federal Government Organization. Here we are sharing the details about Intelligence Bureau salary and benefits with allowances which the officials paid to its officials.

Basic Pay Scale Approximately Per Month
Steno-typist (BS 14) Rs. 27000 + Plot File
DEO (BS 12) Rs. 24, 500 + Plot File
GD (BS 11) Rs. 23, 500/-
OM (BS 11) Rs. 23, 500 + Plot File
Tech (BS 11) Rs. 23, 500 + Plot File
Vehicle Mechanic (BS 11) Rs, 23, 000/-
Dark Room Assistant (BS 11) Rs. 22, 500/-
Lab Assistant (BS 11) Rs. 23, 500/-
GD (BS 07) Rs. 19, 900/-
OM (BS 07) Rs. 20, 000/-
Staff Car Driver/ Dispatch rider (BS 04) Rs. 18, 000/-
Book Binder (BS 03) Rs. 16, 500/-
NC (BS 01) Rs. 17, 500/-
Cook (BPS 01) Rs. 17, 500/-

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