Karachi is Situated on the Bank of which River

Question: Karachi is Situated on the Bank of which River?

  • River Chenab
  • River Satluj
  • River Raavi
  • River Indus

Answer: River Indus

Karachi is situated on the Bank of River Indus

Karachi is Situated on the Bank of which River

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan located on the coastline of Sindh province. River Indus is flowing in the west of Karachi. Karachi has developed around Malir River and Lyari rivers. Therefore, Indus River situated on the west of Karachi. So, it is the 8th longest river in the world. However its total length is 2,000 miles. It runs from Kailash Mountain in Tibet. It falls into the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Pakistan. While, Indus River is located on fertile plains along the river. Five rivers of Punjab flow into the river Indus. Indus is an important and basic water supply to Pakistan. Hence, agriculture and economy of the country depend on it. In additon, Fish is the major source of food from Indus River. However, It is also important transportation route. Hence, in the monsoon season, Indus River stretches several miles wide in the plains.

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