Largest desert of Pakistan is

Question: Largest desert of Pakistan is?

  • Thal
  • Cholistan
  • Kharan
  • Thar

Answer: Thar

Largest Desert of Pakistan is the Thar Desert

Largest desert of Pakistan is

Pakistan is hosting five major deserts. The name of deserts is the Indus Valley Desert and Kharan Desert, Thal Desert, Thar Desert and the Cholistan Desert. However, the Thar Desert is named to be the largest desert of Pakistan. It has been spanning the area of around 175,000 square kilometers. It is covering the large areas of Pakistan and India. But, the Thar Desert is located in Bhakkar district of Pakistan that falls as in between the Indus and Jhelum rivers. On the Thar desert, one of the large canal-building projects is currently underway. Therefore, Its basic purpose will be to irrigate the land. Moreover, this irrigation will make a maximum of the desert suitable for the sake of farming. In the north of the Thal Desert, you can find the salt ranges as in the east the Jehlum and Chenab rivers and to the west of the Indus river.

Largest desert of Pakistan is?

Hence, Thar is forming with approximately 10% of the total geographic area of India. 60% of the desert is recorded in the state of Rajasthan that is extending in the areas of the Gujarat, Punjab, and Haryana. Do you know which part of Pakistan are desert located? 85% of the Thar desert has been located in India and the remaining 15% is in Pakistan. India is covering the area of around 170,000 km2 (66,000 sq mi).

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