It explained of Current Governors of Pakistan 2021 All Provinces. Governor of the province is head of the province, who has powers to govern executive branch of the sub-national level of government. The president of Pakistan appointed provincial governors on the advice of Chief Minister of that province. A governor’s, maximum tenure is five years. He is the ceremonial head of the province and representative of the president in that province. A governor acts or works on the advice of chief minister and must be a more detached figure who is acceptable to the government of the province.

Current Governors of Pakistan 2021 All Provinces

The major duties of the provincial governor are to control government budgeting, sign bills or vetoing bills passed by the legislation. When provincial assembly dissolved, the administration role came under the control of the provincial governor. In Pakistan, there are four provinces and Current Governors of Pakistan 2021 All Provinces is given. Mostly, a governor of the province is the person from the party whose government is in that province. This is the Current Governors of Pakistan 2021 All Provinces, which are appointed by the President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain on the advice of Prime Minister of Pakistan. So just click on the below list and get information about the Governor of Punjab Pakistan, governor of Sindh, Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Governor of Balochistan, governor of Gilgit Baltistan.