According to the constitutional right explained at this page about List Of President Of Pakistan With Their Achievements, President of Pakistan is the head of the state. 18th Amendment has reinstated government system as democratic one. The president of Pakistan chose by the Electoral College known as Senate, provincial assemblies and national assembly.  The five-year term selects as the term for Electoral College as listed above. The complete representative figure of the government as president. However prime minister is the head of state. The president of Pakistan is chairman of the National Security Council as well as the commander-in-chief of Pakistan armed forces.

List Of President Of Pakistan From 1947 To 2018

The president has the power to appoint the chairman of the joint chief of staff committee. Chiefs of the army, navy, air force and Colonel-Commandant Marines are being selected by the president of Pakistan. President of Pakistan is also a National Security Council chairman.

List Of President Of Pakistan With Their Achievements

According to the constitutional restriction, president of Pakistan cannot retain with consecutive two terms. If the two-thirds majority of parliament decided to remove the president of Pakistan, then parliament allow doing so. Various amendments in the constitution of Pakistan make the minor changes in authority or power of both positions.

longest period president of Pakistan is Fazal Illahi Chaudhry with 5 years, 1 month and 3 days. Shortest tenure as president of Pakistan is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto with 1 year, 7 months and 24 days. There are total 7 presidents democratically elected in Pakistan. There are 4 military presidents of Pakistan. So if you have any suggestion about the List Of President Of Pakistan With Their Achievements then do comment us.

List of All President of Pakistan

Serial no. Name Tenure Major achievements
1 Muhammad Ayub Khan 27 oct,1958 To 25 march 1969 (1)    Formulation of 1962 constitution

(2)     Contracted Indus –basin treaty

2 Muhammad Yahya Khan 25 march , 1969 To 20 dec , 1971 (1)    First general election in the country were conducted

(2)    Formation of National security council

3 Zulifqar Ali Bhutto 20 dec,1971 To 14 aug 1973  

(1)    Enactment of 1973 constitution

(2)    Separation of Bangladesh

(3)    Brought Karachi Still mill in the country

4 Fazal Elahi Chaudhary 14 aug,1973 To 16 sep,1978 He served the country as president while the Zulafiqar Ali Bhutto was the prime minister of the country. Constitution of 1973 was enacted practically under the leadership of Fazal Elahi
5 Muhammad Zia ul Haq 16 sep 1978 To 17 aug 1988 (1)    Introduced Hadood Ordinance

(2)    Doctrine of necessity of state was used to make legitimate the martial law.

(3)    Formation of Majlis e Shaora

(4)    Completion of Pakistan atomic energy programme

6 Ghulam Ishaq Khan 13  dec,1988 To 18 july,1993 (1)    Disbanded Benazir Bhutto’s Government on the charges of corruption , economic decay and political unrestness

(2)     Using eighteenth amendment in the constitution of Pakistan dismissed Nawaz first government and then Benazir second government.

7 Sardar Farooq Khan Loghari 14 nov,1993 To 2 dec 1997 Vowed to amend the 18th amendment and made a good effort to bring country out of turmoil.
8 Muhammad Rafique Tarar 1 july,1998 To 20 june 2001 He added ,thirteen, fourteen and fifteen amendments to the constitution which finally reduced the executive powers of president  and transferred them to the prime minister
9 General Pervaiz Musharaf 20 july 2001 To 18 aug 2008 (1)    Made country a part of war on terror

(2)    Passing of women empowerment bill

(3)    Issue of lal mosque

(4)    Passing of media freedom bill

10 Asif Ali Zardari 9 sep,2008 To 8 sep 2013 (1)    Abolishment of 18th amendment

(2)    Passing women empowerment bill

(3)    Strengthening of HEC ( Higher education commission)

(4)    Made provinces more autonomous

10 Mamnoon Hussain 9 sep,2013 31 May 2018 (1)    Passed 20th, 21st amendments in the constitution

(2)    Strengthened Election commission of Pakistan

(3)    FATA Reforms Bill Finally Signed

11 Arif Alvi 9 Sept 2019 Till Date