The purpose of the page is to explain List of Prime Minister of Pakistan and their achievements. Prime minister post was created at the time of Pakistan’s independence. Governor-General was not abolished at the beginning. The coincident occur after the assassination of Pakistan’s first prime minister. All seven different prime ministers within a period of six years were from Pakistan Muslim league.  Only Sir Feroz Khan Noon out there from the Republican party. General Ayub Khan restricts at the position of prime minister for about 13 years and 2 months. Nurul Amin was the prime minister for 13 days with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Majibur Rehman as vice prime ministers appointed by General Yahya Khan. It is known as illegal stance by General Yahya Khan.

Prime Minister Position And military takeover

After that, posts abolished every time after the military takeover in history. The 18th amendment in 2010 proved a game changer because according to the amendment. Prime minister holds more power than any other government official. Even  president is least powerful than the prime minister. Now lets talk about List of Prime Minister of Pakistan and their achievements.

List Of Prime Minister Of Pakistan And Their Achievements

Liaquat Ali Khan also is known as Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan was famous as first prime minister of Pakistan.

  • He gave educational infrastructure, science, and The first education policy of Pakistan 1947 was drafted by Ziauddin Ahmed following order of Salimuzzaman Siddiqui.
  • Salimuzzaman Siddiqui also known as first government science adviser appointed by Liaquat Ali Khan
  • Sindh University was authorized in the tenure of Liaquat Ali Khan.
  • Khan views the United States as big economic and moral supporter. The S. agreed to support economically and morally after the independence.
  • He visited the S. to ask for civilian foreign aid and got it for several years

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List of All Prime Minister of Pakistan With Achievements



Serial No. Name Tenure Major achievements
1 Liaquat Ali Khan 14 August 1947 to 16 October 1951 Minorities Pact of April 1950
Alternative of trade deadlock during in 1949
2 Khawja Nazimudeen 17 Oct,1951 To 17 April,1953 He headed the first constituent assembly of Pakistan . He tried to bridge the demands of both wings ; eastern and western wing of the country, on the principle of equality. But his administration was dissolved by the then Governor General Ghulam Muhammad .
3 Muhammad Ali Boghra 17 April, 1953 To 11 aug,1955 (1)    Proposed a formula for the equal power sharing between two wings of the country

(2)    Drafted One Unit plan

4 Chaudhary Muhammad Ali 11 aug,1955 To 12 sep,1956 (1)    Implemented One Unit plan

(2)    Formulated and promulgated 1956 constitution

5 Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi 12 sep,1956 To 18 oct,1957
6 I.I Chaundrigarh 18 Oct,1957 To 16 dec,1957
7 Malik Feroz Khan Noon 16 Dec,1957 To 7 Oct 1958
8 Noor ul Ameen 16 dec, 1957 To 7 Oct 1958
9 Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto 14 aug,1973 To 5 July 1977 (1)    Formulated and promulgated 1973 constitution

(2)    Brought Islamic socialism

(3)    Installed Still mill

(4)    Declared Qadyani Non-believers

10 Muhammad Khan Junejo 23 march,1985 To 29 June 1988 (1)    Passed 18th amendment under the direction of Zia ul Haq. By passing this amendment he invigorated the power of president

(2)    Introduced Hadood Ordinance

11 Ms Benazir Bhutto 14 aug,1973 To 6 aug,1990 Ms Bhutto after electing as prime minister of Pakistan tried hard to change some fundamental flaws of Pakistan political system. She tried to uplift censorship on Media. She dared hard to amend 18th amendment with a view to restore the democratic spirit of country.
12 Ghulam Mustafa Jotoi 6 aug,1990 To 18 April,1993
13 Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef 26 may,1993 To 8 July,1993 Privatization of Banks
14 Mir Balakh Sher Mazari( Caretaker) 18 april,1993 To 26 may,1993
15 M Nawaz Sharif 26 may 1993 To 8 july 1993
16 Moin Qureshi (care taker) 8 July,1993 To 19 Oct ,1993
17 Ms Benazir Bhutto 19 oct,1993 To 5 nov,1996 She disbanded the cruel treatment against women of and deleted all anti-women empowerment things.

She was against the socialist policies of his father she gave back all forcibly converted industries into public to their real owners.

18 Malik Meraj Khalid 6 nov,1996 To 17 feb 1997
19 Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 17 feb,1997 To 12 oct,1999 (1)    Fired atomic bomb ,declaring Pakistan an atomic power

(2)    Established NAB( national accountability Bureau

20 Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali 23 nov,2002 To 26 june ,2004 Indulged Pakistan in War On Terrorism
21 Ch Shujat Hussain 30 june ,2004 To 26 aug,2004
22 Shaukat Aziz 28 aug,2004 To 15 nov,2007 (1)    Strengthened decentralization plan

(2)    Formed NRB( National reconstruction Bureau)

(3)    Introduced multi- resources for generating of energy…such solsr, gas and winds

23 Muhammad Mian Soomro 16 nov,2007 To 24 march 2008
24 Syed Yusaf Raza Gillani 25 march,2008 To 26 april,2012 (1)    Introduced Banazir Income Support programme to eliminate poverty

(2)    NFC award was allotted to the provinces

(3)    58-2-b was amended  in the constitution

25 Raja Parveez Ashraf 22 june 2012 To24 march 2013 Swiss bank scandal by which Zardari was blamed to  have  done corruption  was resolved by Raza Government
26 Mir Hazar Khan Khoso (caretaker) 25 march,2013 To 5 june 2013
27 Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif 5 june 2013 To28 july 2017 (1)    Regulation of C-PEC

(2)    Reforms in ECP

(3)    Women protection bill

(4)    Developmental projects; Metro Bus ,Orange Train

28 Shahid Khaqan Abbasi 1 aug,2017 to 31 May 2018 (1) betterment in load shedding in urban areas

(2) Steps towards the free education policy

(3) health care improvements

29 Nasirul Mulk (CareTaker) 1st June 2018-18 Aug 2018
30 Imran Khan 18 Aug 2018- Present