We are telling you about the lowest score in cricket world cup history. if we talk about 2019 world cup lowest scores then on 31st May Pak Vs West Indies, Pakistan has lost with its lowest score 105 scores in 20 overs. Prior to this, in 2015 U.A.E had made their lowest scores 102 against India. In 2011, Bangladesh made their lowest score 58 against West Indies. Prior to it, in 2007 Ireland made only 77 scores against Sri Lanka which has been the lowest score of World Cup 2007. In world cup 2003, Canada has made just 36 scores in 18 overs against Sri Lanka which has been the lowest score ever in World Cup History. before this, there were many teams who have given their bad performance and have disappointed. If you want to get the quiz questions then here below we are sharing the Multiple Choice MCQs. You must choose the answer you noticed and then click on the answer to the correct answer.

Question: Lowest Score In Cricket World Cup History

a. Bangladesh In 2011

b. Pakistan in 1992

c. Canada In 2003

d. Sri Lanka 1975

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Canada In 2003

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