Power Generating Sources In Pakistan

Question: Power Generating Sources In Pakistan

  • Hydro
  • Nuclear
  • Thermal
  • Hydro, Nuclear and Thermal

Answer: Hydro, Nuclear and Thermal

Hydro, Nuclear and Thermal are power generating sources in Pakistan

These three sources are consider as major power generating sources in Pakistan. According to 30 June, 2012 figures there was 22,797 MW energy as reserve. Thermal energy is about 69 percent of Pakistan’s capacity. The hydro contributed about more than 29 percent of energy. The nuclear contributed about 3 percent of the energy as installed power capacity according to the Power Generating Sources.

Power Generating Sources In Pakistan

The WAPDA, IPPs and KESC are major stakeholder in producing the ample energy according to these power sources in Pakistan. The hydro power is another source that proved effective one. The installed capacity of thermal , hydro and nuclear has different figures than then the actual capacity.

Power Generating Sources In Pakistan

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It raises many questions about the power sources in Pakistan. All hydro power is presently maintain by the WAPDA. The few small run of the river IPPS are there in the phase of development. It is all about the contribution clear about encourage private sector approaches. IPPs shows the private sector approaches through the extensive opportunity controlled by PAEC. It is nice and justified to stay with the updated optimum capacity since the development of thermal, nuclear and hydro power plants. These termed as Power Generating Sources In Pakistan.




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