Sach to Yeh hai Book Launched by Ch. Shujaat Hussain

Ch. Shujaat Hussain

Recently Ch. Shujaat Hussain launch a Sach to Yeh Hai Book. Ch. Shujaat Hussain is the former prime minister and president. He born in 1946 in Gujarat. He studied at the famous Forman Christian College Lahore. During his studies, his father became the wealthiest man and the great politician. ch.shujjat Hussain was also the member of Majlis-i-Shura which is made by Zia ul Haq. However, the main mover in 1988 and 1990 of the Islamic democratic alliance is ch.shujat Hussain.

Sach To Yeh Hai Book Launched by Ch. Shujaat Hussain

The book entitled “Sach To Yeh HaiBook ” launched soon and will available on the market. Further more, when he was talking to the media on the joining of PML of KPK he said that the basics of the book are based on truth and the things he witnessed in his political career.

Sach to Yeh hai Book Launched by Ch. Shujaat Hussain

The main points that he discussed in his book are:

  • The book launching ceremony attended by many of the people including Chief Minister of Balochistan. Sach To Yeh hai book is comprises of 328 pages and 20 chapters.
  • He said political system is composed of political parties and everyone should play for the stability of political parties, they should play role in establishing new parties on the basis of terror ties.
  • These parties should make the country strong.
  • The people who believe that Pakistan should be the strong Pakistan then they should support the Pakistan Muslim league
  • He said everyone should support Wajeeh-uz-Zaman as we have old relations with him, his mother was a senator and has done work with us.
  • For the prosperity of Pakistan Muslim league plays an important role as they formed the best ideology, they are making the minds of the people of Pakistan for its inclination.
  • He believed that he will make the perfect and ideal Pakistan by playing his role in PML .Ch. Shujaat Hussain claimed a lot in this book and said that the former PM Nawaz Sharif suspected from him to frame Zardari in the fake narcotic case and called him narcotic kingmaker and said that Mir Zafarullah is an extremely lazy person.
  • So, making revelations in his book, he said that the elections of 2018 are fixed. Shujaat revealed that Dr. Abdul Qadeer called him and informed about CDA are going to destroy the structure set by them.
  • In addition, he raised a question about why Abdur Rashid Ghazi handed over his daughters to Lal As he adopted them so handed over them. Is it right to hand over your adopted children? Is this according to the principles of Islam?
  • In addition, he also mention that women are using as bargaining chips in Pakistan. He said that the incident of the plane hijacking was notorious.

Hence, he said that the book is beautiful and the mixtures of truth and it are my humble opinion to read this book. In conclusion, he beautifully explained the politics and democratic projects.

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