Question: The Highest Title of Judo is?

  • 5th  Dan
  • 7th  Dan
  • 9th  Dan
  • 10th  Dan

Answer: 10th  Dan

The Highest Title of Judo is 10th Dan

Judo is the martial art of soft maneuvers against the opponents. It originated in Japan in 1880. So, different titles  gives to the winner of judo according to ranks. Judo originated in 1880 in Japan. It is the martial art of soft body movements against the opponents. Hence, Judo is the defensive art of sheer force. The winner of judo is awarded different titles. Therefore, there are many titles for winners starting from  6th kyu to 1st kyu. Then from 1st dan to 10th dan. Few people reached the highest rank. Less than 10 people are awarded highest rank in the whole world. In judo 10th dan is awarded solid red color belt.

The highest rank in judo represents skills, experience, services, leadership, abilities. 10th dan holder players play an important role in the particular game. However, in some countries highest rank holders in judo awarded for services to the sport for judo.

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