The Smallest Dam of Pakistan is

HQuestion: The Smallest Dam of Pakistan is?

  • Tarbela Dam
  • Warsak Dam
  • Mirani Dam
  • Mangla Dam

Answer: Warsak Dam

Warsak Dam is the Smallest dam of Pakistan

The Smallest Dam of Pakistan is

Warsak Dam is defined as the mass concrete gravity dam. It is located on the Kabul River around 20 km northwest of the city of Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Warsak Dam known as the smallest dam of Pakistan. This dam finished as under the access of Colombo Plan in two phases and financed by the Canadian Government. The first phase was ended in the year 1960. Therefore, this phase was based on the construction of the dam. Irrigation tunnels and also the installation of four power generating units were finished in 1960. However, each single of the tunnel has the 40 MW capacities with 132 kV transmission systems. From 1980-1981 was the completion of the second phase.

But, in the second phase, two additional units completed that was of 41.48 MW capacities. Hence the total installed capacity of the Warsak Dam Hydropower Project is 243 MW. In the year 2012, 75 MW powerhouses to Warsak added by WAPDA authority. Hence, this did raise the Warsak’s total power generation capacity to 525 MW. Do you know tha name of largest barrage of Pakistan?


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