Question: The Term Computer is Derived from the Word?

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  • German Word
  • Latin Word

Answer: Latin Word

The Term Computer is Derived from Latin Word “Computare”

The word computer has been all derived from the Latin word “Computare”. It means to calculate, or to count or to sum up. It also means to think together. So on precise terms, the word computer does mean to think together in a joint way. It means a device that performs the computation. The Online Etymology Dictionary presents the very first attested use of “computer” in the 1640s. According to Online Etymology Dictionary, the word computer means the calculating machine. A computer in modern times is known as the combination of Hardware and Software. It does manipulate information or data that is to be provided by the user. It carries out it’s processing where it store, or  retrieve at the time of need. The use of computer has brought about a huge revolution in the modern era.

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