What is MCAT Test in Pakistan

Question: What is MCAT Test in Pakistan?

Answer: MCAT_ stands for Medical College Admission Test. It is an entry test exam takes from students who want to get admission in Medical Colleges

MCAT Test Stands for Medical College Admission Test

What is MCAT Test in Pakistan


MCAT is the abbreviation of Medical College Admission Test. This test has been carried out to be known as one of the most important tests for medical studies. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) conducts for the categories of problem-solving, or the critical thinking, as well as written analysis and knowledge of scientific concepts and principles. This test helds in different cities of Pakistan as under the consideration of their own provincial Government sectors. For example, in Islamabad, this test arranges as under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. In Punjab University of Health Sciences is responsible for the side of conducting MDCAT test. This test is normally the yearly based test. if you want to appear in this Year exams then start MDCAT preparation before 3 to 4 Months. It carries out as every year by the side of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) in Punjab.

MDCAT is based on the written test that consists of 220 MCQs from four major subjects including with the Physics, chemistry, biology, and English. If you want to know about What is GRE Test in Pakistan? Must Click here!

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