What is the Age Limit for CSS Exam in Pakistan

Question: What is the Age Limit for CSS Exam in Pakistan?

  • 20-22 years
  • 22-24 years
  • 24-28 years
  • 28-30 years

Answer: 28-30 years

28-30 Years Old is the Age Limit For CSS Exam in Pakistan

What is the Age Limit for CSS Exam in Pakistan

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is categorized to be known as the elite and permanent kind of bureaucratic authority and civil services. The upper age limit has been extended from 28 to 30 years. Previously this age limit was from 30-32 years old. Prime Minister under the consideration of Cabinet has finally approved the extension of the age limit from 28 to 30 years. This upper age limit is meant for the federal and provincial serving government employees who will be appearing in the first exam of the coming year. During the era of the Musharraf Government, this age limit was reduced by two years.

This exam does carry out the job post of government secretariat, directorates of cabinet and so much more. Each single year CSS examinations are conducted under the supervision of the Federal Services Commission of Pakistan. However, this department is all run and supervised by the powerful Pakistani Federal Government Departments. You must possess at least 14 years of education to be eligible. Do you know what is the salary of CSS officer in Pakistan?

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