What is the Salary of CSS Officer in Pakistan?

Question: What is the Salary of CSS Officer in Pakistan?

  • 60,000
  • 70,000
  • More than 70,000
  • 80,000

Answer: More than 70,000

Salary of CSS Officer in Pakistan is More Than 70,000

What is the Salary of CSS Officer in Pakistan?

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. CSS is basically known as the medium of the elite permanent bureaucratic authority and also the civil service. The starting salary of CSS Officer is more than Rs. 70,000. It is carried out as in order to perform the functions ranging within the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats, directorates of the Cabinet secretariat. This department is all run and supervised by the powerful Pakistani Federal Government Departments. You must possess at least 14 years of education in order to be eligible.

As in accordance with the latest rules of CE-2017, the age limit for the CSS Examination is 21 to 30 years. The upper age limit for CE-2018 can be as same as 30 years. Applicant can hold on with any bachelor’s Degree such as a B.A, B.Com, BBA, B.Sc, or LLB or even the MBBS from any one of the Pakistani Universities. CSS Officer is one of the highest-paying jobs in Pakistan.


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