Current Chief Minister of Sindh 2018

Q: Who Is Current Chief Minister of Sindh 2024?

Akhtar Ali Ghulam Qazi
Ghulam Hussain Hidayat Ullah
Allah Bux Soomro
Syed Murad Ali Shah

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The Chief Minister is a person who refers to the pioneer of the Provincial Government. He/she is one of the electoral head of provincial affairs or legislature. Every province of Pakistan has its own Chief Minister or Provincial Minister. The Governor of Sindh is only able to do anything under the guidance of the Chief Minister of Sindh. But do you know the Current Chief Minister of Sindh 2019?

If not then keep on reading this piece of writing along with his picture. We are giving you relevant details about this person along with his services and duties. What time have you been as performing this position? All is discussed below so keep on reading.

No. Name of Chief Minister Entered Office
1. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro (1st time) 1947-1948
2. Pir Ilahi Bux 1948-1949
3. Yusuf Haroon 1949-1950
4. Qazi Fazlullah Ubaidullah 1950-1951
5. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro (2nd time) 1951-1951
6. Governor’s rule 1951-1953
7. Pirzada Abdul Sattar 1953-1954
8. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro (3rd time) 1954-1955
9. Post abolished 1955-1970
10. Martial law 1970-1972
11. Mumtaz Ali Bhutto (1st time) 1972-1973
12. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi 1973-1977
13. Martial law 1977-1985
14. Ghous Ali Shah 1985-1988
15. Akhtar Ali Ghulam Qazi (1st time) 1988-1988
16. Governor’s rule 1988-1988
17. Akhtar Ali Ghulam Qazi (2nd time; caretaker) 1988-1988
18. Qaim Ali Shah 1988-1990
19. Aftab Shaban Mirani 1990-1990
20. Jam Sadiq Ali (acting till November 5, 1990) 1990-1992
21. Muzaffar Hussain Shah 1992-1993
Syed Ali Madad Shah (caretaker) 1993-1993
22. Syed Abdullah Ali Shah 1993-1996
23. Mumtaz Bhutto (2nd time; caretaker) 1996-1997
24. Liaquat Ali Jatoi 1997-1998
25. Governor’s rule-No Chief Minister 1998-2002
26. Ali Mohammad Mahar 2002-2004
27. Arbab Ghulam Rahim 2004-2007
Abdul Qadir Halepoto (caretaker) 2007-2008
28. Qaim Ali Shah (2nd time) 2008-2013
Zahid Qurban Alvi (caretaker) 2013-2013
29. Qaim Ali Shah (3rd time) 2013-2016
30. Syed Murad Ali Shah (1st time) 2016 till 2018
31. Syed Murad Ali Shah (2nd time) 2018 till 2023
31. Syed Murad Ali Shah (3rd time) 2024 till date

These are all the details about your query about who is the current chief minister of Sindh Along with the list of Chief ministers of Sindh since 1947. The chief minister is the responsible seat and we are assured that the responsible person hand over this ministry. The ministerial aspect is relevant and way out polishes the ministry. Every ministry has its own responsibilities and chief minister above all.

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