The attorney of a state is a legal advisor of the government to give counsel on the matters of state affairs Who is The Current Attorney General Of Pakistan 2024? He or she has the right to hear the sessions of parliament. He can join the meetings of the federal cabinet and the federal government. He plays the role of a bridge between the three pillars of the state; executives, legislatures, and judiciary. He represents the government before the court of law or any other hearing directly concerned with the government. In simple, he or she is the chief lawyer of the government and enjoys the right of hearing and proceeding government hearings either in parliament or in any court of law. The attorney general is appointed by the prime minister and is supposed to be a member of the cabinet. Now on this page, we are telling you about Who Is The Current Attorney General Of Pakistan 2024? So the incumbent attorney general of Pakistan is Ashtar Ausaf Ali.  Before he was appointed attorney general of Pakistan, he served the country in different ways. He has served Pakistan as state minister and advocate general of Punjab twice.

Who Was The Current Attorney General Of Pakistan 2024?

Question: Who Is The Current Attorney General Of Pakistan 2024?

Answer: Mansoor Usman Awan

The attorney general of Pakistan is just coming directly under the control of the ministry of law. The attorney general has a bulk of duties to perform.  He has to represent Pakistan in legal matters.  He directs and supervises the boards, bureaus, and sub-boards that comprise the department. He advises and directs the government, president, and heads of departments in legal affairs.  He gave advice to the president for the appointment of judges of supreme courts.  He represents the government for different hearings before different courts.

List Of Attorney Generals of Pakistan

Name Joining Date Left Over
Muhammad Wasim 12 November 1947 6 February 1950
Fayyaz Ali 10 November 1950 8 April 1959
Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad Khan 25 July 1959 26 October 1961
Tufail Ali Abdul Rehman 8 November 1961 31 October 1964
Sheikh Ghias Muhammad 31 October 1964 10 May 1965
Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada 9 April 1966 20 July 1966
Sheikh Ghias Muhammad 25 July 1966 6 August 1968
Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada 7 August 1968 21 December 1971
Yahya Bakhtiar 22 December 1971 5 July 1977
Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada 7 July 1977 1 January 1985
Aziz A. Munshi 8 January 1985 30 October 1986
Ali Ahmed 30 October 1986 31 May 1988
Aziz A. Munshi 31 May 1988 3 December 1988
Yahya Bakhtiar 3 December 1988 6 August 1990
Aziz A. Munshi 7 August 1990 22 June 1993
Chaudhry Muhammad Farooq 24 July 1993 24 August 1993
Muhammad Sardar Khan 25 August 1993 25 October 1993
Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim 25 October 1993 2 April 1994
Qazi Muhammad Jamil 25 April 1994 17 October 1996
Iqbal Haider 19 October 1996 7 November 1996
Shahzad Jehangir 11 November 1996 9 April 1997
Chaudhry Muhammad Farooq 11 April 1997 15 October 1999
Aziz A. Munshi 2 November 1999 24 September 2001
Makhdoom Ali Khan 21 September 2001 1 August 2007
Malik Mohammad Qayyum 1 August 2007 19 August 2008
Latif Khosa 21 August 2008 11 October 2009
Anwar Mansoor Khan 24 December 2009 4 April 2010
Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq 21 April 2010 12 April 2012
Irfan Qadir 12 April 2012 7 June 2013
Munir A. Malik 7 June 2013 14 January 2014
Salman Aslam Butt 16 January 2014 28 March 2016
Ashtar Ausaf Ali 29 March 2016 21 June 2018
Anwar Mansoor Khan 18 August 2018 20 February 2020
Khalid Jawed Khan 22 February 2020 10 April 2022
Ashtar Ausaf Ali 9 May 2022 19 January 2023
Shehzad Ata Elahi 2 February 2023 24 March 2023
Mansoor Usman Awan 27 March 2023 Till Present

In general, Attorney at law makes easy legal proceedings for the government. Chief executives or different departmental ministers do not have much time to go for legal affairs that is why attorney at law is being fixed for every government to carry out its legal hearings and deeds. Attorney at law by providing services to the government in different legal acts like a legal advisor of the government about the Who Was The Current Attorney General Of Pakistan 2024? In the presence of an attorney general government does not need to worry about legal affairs or legal counseling. In short, an attorney has to play a dual role for the government: providing counseling on different legal affairs and appearing before the different courts for the hearings directly concerned with the government.

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