Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB

Here we are discussing Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB? Corruption is the largest social evil which is mainly polluting the world economies. In order to get rid of this social, political and economic disease about all societies in the world have their own Anti-corruption agencies. Anti Corruption agency corruption and crime commission belongs to Australi whereas Serious fraud office is an Anti Corruption agency of United Kingdom. In the same vein, all other modern nation-states intent to root out corruption through their own anti-corruption agencies. National accountability bureau belongs to Pakistan. NAB the highest Anti Corruption agency in pakistan.

It came into being in 1999 under the government of Nawaz Shareef. It has four provincial offices in capitals and an office at Rawalpindi. Justice retired Javed Iqbal is the current incumbent chairman of Nab. Justice Iqab before his appointment as the chairman of the NAB has been served as senior justice at the supreme court and for a short time as chief justice of Balochistan high court.

Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB?

Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB

Question: Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB?

Answer: Justice (R) Javaid Iqbal (2017-Current)

Its organization is majorly composed of two principal officers; chairman and prosecutor general of accountability in Pakistan. A Chairman heads the investigation and prosecutor general of investigation leads prosecutions. He is appointed for a term of four years whereas prosecutor general is appointed for a term of three years. General Waqas Qadeer dar is currently serving as prosecutor general of NAB.

Objectives of formation of national accountability bureau show from its official website that is to eliminate and control corruption through long term and short time plans. National accountability bureau was formed in 1999 with a view to controlling skyrocketing corruption mainly of government officials. Acting upon the NAB act of 1999, it arrests and investigates government officers and high profile people to retrieve and regain looted money. It is an autonomous and federal institution. So far it has recovered a good sum of money from the corrupt bureaucrats, politicians, retired army officers and other high ranked public officials.

List of NAB Chairmans

Sr No. Name Tenure
1 Lt General (R) Syed Muhammad Amjad 1999-200
2 Lt General (R) Khalid Maqbool 2000-2001
3 Lt General (R) Munir Hafiez 2001-2005
4 Lt General (R) Shahid Aziz 2005-2007
5 Naveed Ahsan 2007-2010
6 Justice (R) Deedar Hussain Shah 2010-2011
7 Admiral (R) Syed Fasih Bukhari 2011-2013
8 Qamar Zaman Chaudhary 2013-2017
9 Justice (R) Javaid Iqbal 2017-Current

In Pakistan, institutions are least effective. They mainly get politicized and are used for personal gains by the main stakeholders of the politics. NAB was too used for personal gains by different politicians and influential public officials. Inspite of an independent institution a good sum of efforts are needed to make NAB more vibrant and effective. We need to make it free in selection criteria of its officers and decision-making process.

No political pressure should allow practicing against nab inquiries. Its inquiries must be fair and free regardless of the status of an inquired person. We need to train NAB officers on modern lines. NAB should move with justice and equality principle and should make its ditch effort to recuperate financial recovries. Because it is an institution having a motto to curb and eliminate corruption with comprehensive strategies. This motto can only be achieved if NAB becomes autonomous in a real sense not just on documents. Hence the details about Who Is The Current Chairman Of NAB? are discussed here.

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