Q: Who is the Current IG of AZAD JAMMU and Kashmir Police 2024?

  • Bashir Memon
  • Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema
  • Malik Khuda Bakhsh Awan
  • Abdul Jabbar

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Abdul Jabbar

The Jammu and Kashmir police were established in 1873. Shoaib Dastgir was appointed as the Current IG of AZAD JAMMU and Kashmir Police 2024. Therefore, he is 21 Grade Officer. The federal government appointed Shoaib Dastgir a grade 21 officer of police as Inspector General Police of AJK. The inspector general is the highest post in the police department. It is a 3-star police officer in the police force. However, it is the highest rank of police service in a particular region. So, Azad Jammu and Kashmir police are responsible for law enforcement, prevention of crime, detection, and investigation of crime, maintenance of law, and enforcement of the constitution in the state of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. In addition, Azad Jammu and Kashmir police have law enforcement and investigations responsibilities within 22 districts of Kashmir. Hence, AJK Police is responsible for preventing the attacks from the Indian border.

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