Who Is the Current IG of Punjab Police

Question: Who Is the Current IG of the Punjab Police?

Answer: Usman Anwar

IG is the abbreviation of Inspector General. The inspector general is accountable for performing the duties of providing the duties of attending to the security and protection of the state-city place. From Qurban Ali Khan to the current IG Of Punjab Usman Anwar all reforms in the police were made during this tenure. The complaint Management System CMS and the Police Station Record Management System PSRMS. The front desks are always approached concerning the front desks. The Criminal record management system short known as CRMS is being implemented. These reforms are made under the regulatory approach.

Who Is the Current IG of Punjab Police

The provincial monitoring room and control rooms are also ways to know about the systematic approach. The simple approach of the IGP police complaint Center 8787 is a highly sensitive reform directly applied. The Police Legal affairs monitoring system, Anti Vehicle Lifting System, and Video Conferencing are an employee-related successful approach. The media control room and women’s help desks are high approaches to making clearance of the duties and responsibilities of the current IG of Punjab. The most recent upgrade is the driving license issuance management system DLMIS which directly relates to the effectiveness of the Current IG of Punjab Police as well.


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