Q: Who Is Current Education Minister Of Pakistan 2019?

Mr. Shafqat Mahmood
Ghulam Sarwar Khan
Zubaida Jalal Khan
Ali Haider Zaidi

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Mr. Shafqat Mahmood

Undoubtedly Education plays a vital role in the progress of any state. Therefore, every county is trying to increase the standards of education. Pakistan is also one of the countries lies in the list of these countries. You can easily realize the worth of any country by its literacy rate. Every state has almost one education minister who handles the affairs of education of a country. Here below we are going to discuss the minister of education.

Who Is Current Education Minister Of Pakistan 2019?

Current Minister of Education in Pakistan:

The current minister of education in Pakistan is Mr. Shafqat Mahmood. He is also a politician and current Minister of Federal Education and Professional Training.

Mission Statement:

“Endeavour to create a conducive environment for teaching, learning and to promote affordable quality education, in all academic disciplines to ensure holistic growth and sustainable socio-economic development of Islamic Republic of Pakistan”

Functions of Education Ministry:

Followings are the major function of Ministry of Education according to as per constitution provision.

  • Higher Education and Standards in Higher Education
  • Technical Education Vocational/Professional Training
  • Non-Formal Basic Education
  • Adult Literacy
  • Coordination with Provinces Areas
  • Secretariat of Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC)
  • National Curriculum Council (NCC)
  • National Education Policy (NEP)
  • International Corporation.

First Education Minister Of Pakistan

Duties and Responsibilities of Minister of Education:

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training is a Federal Ministry of the Government of Pakistan. It was created in July 2011. Education Ministry is one of the most important and responsible departments of Pakistan. There are so many duties and responsibilities of Ministry of Education which we are enlisted below; the education ministry’s main responsibilities and duties comprises of Federal Education Minister Of pakistan 2019

  • To ensure the availability and accessibility of education in Pakistan by creating plans, policies, and programs
  • The education ministry draw policies, plans, programs, and strategies to regulate and supervise the best standards of education
  • To plan organize, manage and formulate various levels of education in collaboration with relevant departments.
  • The responsibility of Ministry of Education is to meet the international education standards and employment market by providing technical, vocational professional skills and training.
  • The education ministry work in collaboration with other ministers in order to distribute scholarships, organize sponsored students, and also involve in conduction multiple training sessions.
  • To inspect and evaluate the implementation of education rules, regulations and policies nationwide.

In short, the current minister of Education in Pakistan is very responsible and devoted person. He is trying his best to bring the best education standard to meet the international employment market. He is also ensuring the inspection and implementation of education policy at an equal level. We hope that Pakistan will fall on the list of top literate courtiers of the world. The government setup in the process of establishment and soon the page will update Who Is Current Education Minister Of Pakistan 2019? Stay with the page.

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