Ahmadis are Considered Non Muslims

Question: Why are Ahmadis are Considered Non Muslims?

Answer: Pakistani Constitutional Amendments of 1974 declared Ahmadis are Considered Non Muslims.

Pakistani Constitutional Amendments of 1974 declared Ahmadis are Considered Non Muslims

There is no denial that Ahmadis are considered as non muslims. The reasons behind such a decision are known to Pakistani media. The known reasons are two major events. The first event occurred when the oil crisis hit the Western world in 1973. Islamic summit in Pakistan was arranged by Saudi Arabia. Anti Ahmadiyya movement was launched on the eve of the Islamic Summit in Pakistan. Lots of literature was distributed among the Muslim delegates against Ahmadiyyat. The second event happened when Qadiani attacked the students of Nishter Medical College, Multan. Qadianis carried light arms, in the end, fifty students were badly injured and 13 in critical condition. After these two incidents, all activities of Ahmadis are being monitored deeply.

Events Behind Ahmadis are Considered Non-Muslims

The constitutional position of Ahmadis was at stake. Arguments prolong the agenda to explore the new constitutional position of Ahmadis after the proclaimed approach of Prophet Muhammad. It is against the fundamental concept of Islam. Days between 6 April to 10 April 1974 at Makkah with 140 Muslim organizations collectively buzzed that Qadianism is not a sect of Islam. It is a real-time danger to the Islamic world. After such a big move in the Muslim world, Pakistan play its role by declaring Pakistani Constitutional Amendments of 1974 about Qadianis as a non-Muslim minority.

Ahmadis are Considered Non Muslims

There are reasons on the basis Ahmadis are Considered Non-Muslims. It is mentioned that they are normally based on the belief that Mirza an improved second reincarnation of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW). They completely reject the concept of absolute Finality of Prophethood in Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It is confirmed by the Quran, Hadith, as well as Sunnah of the Holy Prophet(SAW). Tradition of Companions, plus the writings of Muslim Scholars and personalities. The debate is all about whether the Ahmadis are Considered Muslims.

They still maintain Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a Prophet (Nabi and Rasul) of God. They even reject the concept of completion of the revelations of Allah(SWT) in the Holy Quran. Plus they also reject the Hadith that is based on Mirza’s alleged revelations and hence teaches his personal interpretation of the Holy Quran. They teach their followers that Jesus(PBUH) had been crucified and did not die from his injuries.

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