Recommended books for CSS compulsory subjects

English Essay Recommended Books For CSS:

Essay paper is the problematic top paper for a candidate who is in the habit of cramming things whereas it is the most comfortable paper for the candidate who prefers to think critically instead merely reliance on cramming. Through this paper articulation of language and critical analysis techniques of a candidate are judged. So, to have a complete grip on this paper one needs to read in multi-direction including general books, newspaper articles, and essays of senior and expert members. Experts, recommend writing in multi-direction unless one become well known in the art of writing. List of recommended books for essay writing is given below. Candidates are expected to go through all of these for passing this paper

  • Francis Bacon Essay
  • Bertrand Russel unpopular Essays
  • The pleasure of Philosophy by Will Durrant
  • Short Essays by Manzoor Mirza Shab
  • Newspaper articles and books dealing with technology, poverty, population, economy, and administration should be consulted
  • Jahangir World times Magzine
  • Herald Magzine
  • Weekly Risalas of Jang news, express news, etc

Recommended Books For CSS Compulsory Subjects

Recommended books for CSS compulsory subjects

Best English Grammar and Composition Books for CSS:

The sole aim of this paper is to find out the comprehensive, concise and pithy style of thinking and writing. Chiefly, this paper is consist of précis, comprehension, and some other English language skills: accurate use of punctuation; idiomatic use of words; correction of sentences and a bit more. Art of comprehending knowledge and making of précis come closer to maturity as one do more and more practice. Expert says, to accomplish this task one should practice making of précis in the daily life experiences. One should practice widespread by making of précis and comprehension of everyday life stories, problems, and general reading. Whereas other portion that purely based on the language articulation should be prepared from well-recommended books for CSS exam. A list of highly recommended books for the preparation of this paper is given below.

  • English Grammar in use….by Raymond Murphy
  • Wren & Martin
  • Practical English Usages….M.Swan

Recommended Books For CSS Compulsory Subject Islamyat:

After essay writing, Islamiyat paper is the second one in which candidates mostly fail. The reason behind the over failure is not to perceive the actual demand of this paper. In this paper, candidates are asked to answer the questions from historical knowledge with their practical implications. So, right method of preparing this paper is to prepare it thoroughly: learning about the fundamentals of Islam and their practical implications in the present world. Keeping this strategy in mind one needs to read analysis based knowledge of Islam by well-renowned scholars. A list of recommended books for this paper is given below by reading these book a candidate can achieve outstanding marks in this very paper.

  • Introduction to Islam by Hamidullah Khan
  • Khilafat o Malokiyat by Abu Ali mododi
  • Islam and the economic challenges by Umer Chapra
  • Islam its meaning and message by Khursheed Ahmed

Pakistan Affairs Compulsory Books for CSS:

Pakistan affairs are the subject if it is prepared completely as it covers a wide variety of topics related to CSS. Hence, it should be prepared entirely by reading extensive and quality knowledge. Merely reliance on notes is stupidity. Below is a list of books which should be gone through to get good marks in this subject.

  • Making of Pakistan by AK Aziz
  • Advanced Rethinking of Pakistan Affairs by Saeed Ahmed
  • Political and constitutional history of Pakistan by Hamid Khan
  • The foreign policy of Pakistan
  • Future of Pakistan by Stephen P Cohen

Current Affairs Recommended Books:

Keeping in mind the revised scheme of this paper, one needs to work on the multi-directional knowledge. It has consisted of topics with international affairs and domestic affairs as well. To get a grasp on this paper one should focus on the following books listed below

  • Pakistan foreign policy by Abdul Sattar
  • Herald Magzine
  • Jahangir world times Magzine
  • Dawn newspaper
  • Jahangir world times annual review

General Abilities and Everyday Science Books for CSS:

This paper is top scoring. It can be prepared entirely in the right direction. Chiefly, it is comprised of 40% percent portion of Reasoning and maths. Remaining 60% of natural sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, universal science and technological sciences. One does not need to study a lot of books for the preparation of this subject. One to two books is enough to grasp the target knowledge for this subject. Below the list of recommended books for CSS especially to this subjects, candidates advised reading any one book out of them

  • General ability & sciences by Shafiq Ahmed
  • Logical reasoning by Robert p Nederpelt
  • Newspaper articles, information related to general sciences

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